Our intelligence isn’t

We've helped 13 of our clients get acquired. We’re not “media buyers”; we’re business strategists
optimizing ecommerce advertising campaigns around EBITDA (profit).

be our



We’ve got plenty of nerdy things to say (like this
poem about radioactive dating) but all the fancy formulas in the world won’t help your business grow if the most basic equation is broken. We get you, you get us, we all cooperate, and tackle big ideas — like figuring out how to apply this formula for ecommerce growth specifically for your store.

The way Elumynt approaches ecommerce growth is unlike anything I've seen before. We've worked with them for over three years now and they consistently drive amazing performance.

Jason Almeida

Director of Sales & Marketing

we have a problem...

...we’re three months in and the agency still doesn’t understand our business

Here’s the thing, we work with partners too — so we’ve been in your shoes, and there’s nothing more annoying than working with a team that just doesn’t “get it”.

We get your business

We go beyond the *yawn* discovery call, and actually research you and your competitors throughout the web like Sandra Bullock in The Net. Our goal is to learn about your audiences, your differentiators, your goals — and ideally help you understand your business more than you already do.

We get your metrics

Many of our clients tell us they think we understand their business better than they do — and in some ways, we do. We’ve put together some advanced analytics reports that we’ve used on both the buy-side and sell-side of M&As so we know what KPIs you should probably be looking at that you don’t currently have in your dashboard.

I've worked with all of the big fancy agencies. None of them are even in the same league as Elumynt. They're understanding, responsive, and most importantly — way more effective than anyone else I've ever worked with."

Adam Eshman

Director of Marketing
Oros Apparel

Do you understand
the words
that are
coming out of
my mouth?

While our lawyers scramble to see if we can legally quote Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, it’s important to call out that the best growth plan won’t work if you don’t understand what the agency is saying. We’re not perfect, but our goal is to make things simple to understand, not show off how many three-letter marketing acronyms we can squeeze into one sentence. We will, however, occasionally use some big words mostly because we bought a decorative thesaurus and it seems wasteful to simply let it gather dust on the escritoire.

We’ll run tests that prove what’s working and what’s not working

Let’s ignore platform attribution for a moment, and focus on what you know for sure — what you spent, and how much money went into your bank account. From there, we can set up tests that can PROVE the incrementality of every paid channel.

We’ll streamline communication to keep everyone focused on the goals

Should that be a call, or an email? Or maybe a Slack message? Let’s align on a better way to communicate so that we can use the right platforms for the right messages — and have the right dashboards that clearly communicate what you need to know so you can walk into meetings with “the boss” armed and ready to talk about what’s working and where you’re going.

"Prior to working with Elumynt, we were struggling to see the ROI we wanted from paid ads. In a very short time, they had our Adwords, Google Shopping and especially Facebook ads, turned around and driving the sales we had been looking for."

Adam Eastman


It’s like a group project. Ad Nauseum.

Agency relationships that talk about “partnering” with their clients feel more like those horrible group projects in school where one person got stuck doing all the work, or worse… like the Zombie Fungus vs. Ant Relationship. Ecommerce growth like this is so much more than a partnership — it’s an amalgamation of you, us, inventory, finance, development, analytics — the whole team coming together to produce results that are undeniably exciting.

We use a Roadmap
to get from here...

...to there

We've built a proven system that will help you get to where you want to go in less time. You're used to worrying about all the moving parts—now you don't have to worry anymore. We'll journey with you and do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll keep our eyes on the Dashboard so we stay in alignment

Measure what matters so you can make the right moves at the perfect moment in time. Our marketing and advertising dashboards give you the data you need to make strategic decisions about how to adjust campaigns, spend budget, and prioritize ideas.

"Before working with Elumynt, we were struggling to get our advertising to really perform. They were able to get our ads up and running and get returns that I couldn't even dream of."

Jenny Jenson

Owner, Lil' Tulips

We promise to make

But seriously… hear us out. If we make zero mistakes then we probably aren’t moving fast enough or we aren’t making big enough changes. If your goal is to grow fast, mistakes are inevitable — let’s call that the Woody Hayes Phenomenon (because yes, you can be a nerd and like football). Any agency that says otherwise is either lying to you or too incompetent to realize they’ve even made the mistake in the first place. Obviously our goal is to reduce mistakes as much as possible — but own up to them (and correct them) when we do make them.

Our multi-step QA process significantly reduces errors without getting in the way of growth

We keep a close eye on campaigns, creative, and experiments so that you never have to worry about unintentional mistakes being seen by your buyers. Our carefully crafted multi-step QA process helps you move forward with confidence and speed.

Our accelerated
testing process
identifies the biggest
growth opportunities

Through our accelerated testing process, we help you uncover and discover untapped growth opportunities that can greatly improve your campaigns and change the trajectory of your entire business.

We've got you covered

You need to put a plan in place that drives real, sustainable impact and makes you look like the hero. We'll give you the tools, people, and data you need to grow your business the right way.


  • Advertising Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Analytics & Tracking Audit
  • M&A Due Diligence (buy-side)
  • M&A Due Diligence (sell-side)
  • Customer Analysis


  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • SEO Management
  • Analytics Management
  • Ecommerce Growth Consulting


  • Product Photography
  • Advertising Creative
  • Influencer Marketing


We also have strong partnerships with agencies and consultants that we’ve vetted to be the best in the business when it comes to these services. We reserve these introductions for our paying clients and we don’t take any kickbacks (unless the partner requires it).

  • Email / SMS
  • CRO
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing

and a lot more...

Give us a high 4.9 repeating

That’s a math joke. 4.9 repeating is literally the same thing as 5 — not just approaching the limit of 5. Like, it’s just another way of writing the exact same number. Aaannnd we’re moving on. Look, not everyone on the team is as pedantically nerdy as our CEO, William Harris (he’s been referred to as a combination of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Uncle Joey from Full House). Take a peek under the microscope at the rest of the team and get to know who you’d be working with.