We’re only...human?

We're a passionate group of dreamers, doers, learners, and achievers. And we're ready to journey with you.

Our mission

Amplify joy through profitable business growth

Be Innovative

We aren’t a group of people that want to follow the same regurgitated advice that other agencies are complacently ok with. We’re a group of people that continually see new ways to make things better — we can’t help it. Every day, we come face to face with new problems — dare to take a risk and solve them in ways no one has ever dreamed of before.

Be Accountable

We believe that being accountable means caring on a deeper level — it means making sure everything is done with the highest integrity and with fierce determination. It means nothing falls through the cracks. It means you don’t rest on the easy answer, but you dig, and keep digging, and then dig some more until you are sure you have the best answer.

Be Human

We have families and friends and pets — we have good days and bad days and even some “meh” days. We have hopes and dreams — and fears and heartbreaks. And the same is true for our clients, our team, our vendors, and everyone else that we come in contact with — even the people on the road as we drive to work. So we will make sure that we are a positive influence on every precious human life to the best extent possible.

Where in the world is Elumynt?

And now for the fun metrics

Learn a little bit more about the people behind our company. On any given day, you might find us investing in one or more of the following:

Our Team

William Harris

Founder & CEO

Jeff Snyder

Partner, President

Emily Wuenstel

Sr. Paid Search Specialist

Nathan Marquardt

Marketing Account Manager

Callie Sebora

Paid Social Specialist

Abby Straus

Associate Account Manager

Jaime Beyersdorf

Project Manager

Zac Stafford

Paid Media Consultant

Haley Nixon

Paid Social Manager

Haley Morris

Senior Ecommerce Growth Strategist

Janie Ryan

Paid Social Strategist

Ben Williams

Director of Paid Media

Michael Robideau

Paid Search Manager

Grace Pietsch

Director of E-Commerce Growth Strategy

Jill Bushman

VP of Finance

Peter Schuette

Director of Account Management

Nick Lucs

Paid Social Consultant

Priscilla Soriano

Sr. Paid Search Consultant

I've worked with all of the big fancy agencies. None of them are even in the same league as Elumynt. They're understanding, responsive, and most importantly — way more effective than anyone else I've ever worked with."

Lil’ Tulips

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