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Multi-Channel Attribution: Know Your Audience and Why They Convert

Ashley R. Cummings

It’s not what you know, but who you know. That quote is supposed to be about networking. But it’s even more important to know who’s converting at your ecommerce shop...

Elumynt is Ranked 12th Fastest Growing Agency in the World


After weathering the pandemic-induced economic crisis of 2020, agencies experienced a new year that saw many shops...

Employee First Mindset Creates Growth with William Harris at Elumynt

Gene Hammett

Many leaders across the world believe growth comes by putting customers first. However, fast-growth company leaders look at it another way...

Chat GPT vs. 40+ experts: 2023 eComm & Retails predictions

Oana Predoiu

Your customers aren’t in the best mindset right now. 2022 was an intense, hard, settling year...

6 Scalability Challenges Ecommerce Businesses Will Face—and How Shopify Plus Can Help

Jessica Wynne Lockhart

After queries about customization, the most common question we get asked is whether Shopify Plus is a scalable...

E-Commerce In 2018: Here’s What The Experts Are Predicting

Tom Popomaronis

The retail & e-commerce landscape is shifting dramatically. Review the current state of retail and you will see the 'retail apocalypse' impacting an incredible...

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