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Product to Profit: What We Can Learn From Alex Hormozi’s #2 - Tim Calise

In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris invites Tim Calise, the President of Coaching at Wealth Without Wall Street, to speak about building robust, service-based businesses. He explains the importance of financial freedom, his characteristics of success, and how to leverage offers to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Unveiling Beauty Tech: Dr. Robb Akridge's Path to Top Inventions

Tune in to this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as William Harris chats with Robb Akridge, the Founder and CEO of REA Innovations, Inc., about bridging scientific complexity and consumer appeal. Dr. Robb sheds light on the intricacies of marketing, the effectiveness of influencers, and the critical role of timing in product popularity.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Secrets from a CEO's Playbook With David Wachs

In this Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris welcomes David Wachs, the Founder and CEO of Handwrytten, to discuss personalized customer communication. David explains how augmented reality impacts the buyer’s journey, his journey to entrepreneurial success, and why he utilizes meditation and hypnosis for stress management.

Brand Storytelling: How Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good With Amanda Brinkman

In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast with William Harris, Amanda Brinkman, the CEO of Sunshine Studios, talks about translating personal purpose into professional excellence. Amanda also touches on overcoming purpose paralysis, integrating service into life, and building a career that harmonizes achievement with altruism.

Earning National Media Acclaim but Wishing It Would End With Katie Richardson

In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris talks with Katie Richardson, the Founder of Puj, about weaving resilience and savvy branding into business growth. Katie illustrates the profound impact of storytelling through product experiences, the courage needed to reinvent oneself, and the empowering shift from a single-goal focus to a multifaceted approach to life and business.

DTC Success and Beyond: Matt Bertulli on High-Performance Teams and Acquisitions

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, Matt Bertulli, the Co-founder and CEO of Lomi and Pela Case, joins William Harris to talk about sustainable growth for DTC businesses. He shares why building trust is foundational for high-performance teams and what it takes to scale effectively in the e-commerce world.

The Rapid Growth of DTC Medicine With Shani Bocian

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris hosts Shani Bocian, the Co-founder and CEO of Allermi, to talk about the rise of DTC medicine. Shani explains how she built a nine-figure e-commerce store, how Allermi provides personalized and accessible healthcare, and the obstacles she faced scaling her brand.

Email Personalization and Segmentation: $38M in 10 Weeks with Josh Behr

In this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris joins Josh Behr, the Founder and CEO of AMB Interactive, who shares email personalization tactics. Josh explains why you shouldn’t rely on anonymous user tracking, contact enrichment for B2C companies, and the significance of email designs.

Media Trading and Investing: Is It Right for You? With Media Tradesman Jonathan Sorkenn

In this Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris sits down with Jonathan Sorkenn, the Senior Vice President of Evergreen Trading, to talk about how to convert your assets to media. Jonathan discusses the ideal candidates for media trading, how he facilitated a triple-win for a customer, and how to buy and sell media effectively.

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