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The Ongoing Evolution of Data Analytics With Brad Redding

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris chats with Brad Redding, the Co-founder and CEO of Elevar, about his projections for the future of data analytics. Brad explains how Elevar promotes precise data analytics, how to navigate evolving user privacy settings, and the importance of maintaining health and longevity as a founder.

Human Psychology: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Modern Marketing With Sarah Levinger

In this installment of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris interviews creative strategist Sarah Levinger about implementing psychology into advertising and marketing. Sarah explains the importance of intentional ad designs, why influencing consumers’ emotions can cross a line, and how to leverage AI to tap into human psychology.

Paving the Way for Brand Growth in the eCommerce Landscape With Darin Lynch

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, Darin Lynch, the Founder and CEO of Irish Titan, joins William Harris to talk about enhancing growth for stagnant e-commerce brands. Darin shares how to improve your marketing efforts, how merchants should consider e-commerce integrations, and his experience meeting Clint Eastwood and Simon Sinek.

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