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Increase Lifetime Value Using Omnichannel Marketing Strategies With Mark Friedman

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Mark Friedman, VP of Digital Marketing at Eddie Bauer, to discuss utilizing omnichannel marketing strategies to leverage lifetime value and ROI. Mark shares how e-commerce has evolved in our culture, the common obstacles e-commerce brands experience, and the value of knowing how to spend your marketing budget.

How Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Is Revolutionizing the eCommerce Industry With Valentin Radu

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Valentin Radu, Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, to discuss why businesses should prioritize CLV. Valentin also shares the CLV formula, offers solutions to frequent customer experience issues, and explains how acquisition and retention rates maintain CVO.

Matt Bahr, Founder & CEO of Fairing, Discusses Ecommerce Attribution and Post-Purchase Surveys

In this episode of The Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Matt Bahr, Co-founder and CEO of Fairing, to discuss how his company solves attribution challenges in the marketplace. Matt also shares how he builds and empowers his team, the challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial journey, how to identify successful marketing strategies, and his perspective on the future of customer data.

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