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Above-The-Fold CRO: Don’t Make Users Scroll With Chase Mohseni

Join William Harris in today’s episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as he welcomes Chase Mohseni, the CMO of Heatmap.com, to talk about above-the-fold CRO. He shares the CRO metrics brands should track, why building software is like baking a cake, how nostalgia drives conversions, and the most detrimental CRO mistakes.

How To Get Acquired as a $10 Million DTC Brand

Join William Harris in today’s episode of the Up Arrow Podcast as he invites Nicholas Weiksner, the CEO and Founding Partner of South Col, to speak about preparing your e-commerce brand for an acquisition. Nicholas talks about forecasting your brand’s future, his market projections for 2024, and how his friend happened to date Jerry Seinfeld.

The Slow Fashion Boom: How Pioneer Kristian Hansen Is Changing the Fashion Industry

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris chats with Kristian Hansen, the Founder and CEO of the sl∅ fashion company, about revolutionizing slow and sustainable fashion. Kristian describes how he generates a consistent feedback loop, the challenges he faced launching his brand, and the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Rebranding Your Ecommerce Store With Best-Selling Author David Brier

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, David Brier, the President and Creative Director of DBD International, Ltd., joins William Harris to reveal revolutionary brand-building strategies. David shares when you should consider a brand intervention, how to develop a recognizable brand, and how to obtain buy-in from senior executives.

The Joys and Challenges of Taking a Retail Brand Public as a Female CEO With Stephanie Pugliese

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Stephanie Pugliese, the former President of the Americas at Under Armour, to talk about how she became a respected CEO. Stephanie shares how to scale past $100 million in annual revenue, the role of authenticity in corporate settings, and how she balances her personal and professional life.

The Future of Generative AI (and what that means for you) With Noah Kravitz

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris converses with Noah Kravitz, the host of NVIDIA’s The AI Podcast, about the potential of AI in the business landscape. Noah mentions AI’s role in technological advancements, how to leverage AI responsibly, and the main differences between AI chatbots.

How to Harness the Customer Lifecycle With Adam Butt

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, the Founder and CEO of UN/COMMON, Adam Butt, joins William Harris to talk about optimizing the customer lifecycle. Adam addresses the issues with specialized agency structures, how he built and scaled UN/COMMON, and case studies of a successful customer lifecycle.

The Ongoing Evolution of Data Analytics With Brad Redding

In today’s Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris chats with Brad Redding, the Co-founder and CEO of Elevar, about his projections for the future of data analytics. Brad explains how Elevar promotes precise data analytics, how to navigate evolving user privacy settings, and the importance of maintaining health and longevity as a founder.

Human Psychology: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Modern Marketing With Sarah Levinger

In this installment of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris interviews creative strategist Sarah Levinger about implementing psychology into advertising and marketing. Sarah explains the importance of intentional ad designs, why influencing consumers’ emotions can cross a line, and how to leverage AI to tap into human psychology.

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